# 2022-12-07 repod meeting Date: 2022-12-07T19:30:00Z Location: Jitsi Scribe: brett ## Attendees * alad * artafinde * brett * dvzrv * isaac * lobachevsky * wCPO ## Agenda ### Git and PGP * Evaluating which Git/PGP integration for signing and signature checking to use ([#155](https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/repod/-/issues/155)). Current ecosystem is not ideal, so finding the "best" solution is difficult. * Ideally a separate service would run alongside repod that would be able to sign * Shelling out to gpg/git commands not ideal since repod integration would be awkward due to output parsing (gpg is particularly awful). * Getting Git integration is more important than GPG integration right now. ### Updating dependencies * Still no integration for renovatebot; It does not parse pyproject.toml (it only integrates into poetry). * Update of mypy was difficult. ### Grouping of repositories Can now add a group number to repositories! Groups must have unique packages in that group and will reject package uploads if that is violated. ### Manpage improvements * Readability of manpages have been improved. ([#153](https://gitlab.archlinux.org/archlinux/repod/-/issues/153)). * Lots of options are exposed and more are coming! Considering grouping the options for better navigation. * Usage of equals sign after the options confused an attendee; It's not a very common pattern but adopted by other projects like systemd. ### Module refactoring Some models are now being used across modules, so work was done to combine them into `common/models.py` Regex verification of package values (`common/regex.py`) not compiled into a regex object: This is a possible improvement if it's do-able. ### Funding Still no funding. Prototype fund didn't pan out. Still waiting for reply from Internet Fund. Valve still hasn't replied. ### Talk at Hacking in Parallel (HIP) https://hip-berlin.de/ December 27-30 2022 in Berlin. Tickets are sold out but dvzrv will be giving a talk: "Pacman can have the cookies and eat the ghosts too" Schedule to be released shortly. All talks on the stages can be recorded and streamed via media.ccc.